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They Tease Me

I have just seen an ad for Lenard's chicken on tv. It's like they are mocking me, now my local store has closed.

I have purchased kievs through the online grocery place we use. I'm going to try them soon, probably this weekend.

Tonight we're eating simple. P and I walked down the street today and we went to the bakery. 12 mini potato pies and 12 mini vegetarian quiches were purchased. Dinner is all set! Add salad left over from last night and it couldn't be simpler really.

My car is still at the car yard :( It was due to be finished by 2pm today, but they told P 4pm when he phoned earlier. He's got meetings this afternoon so the car will be picked up tomorrow.

Top off the day - the carport slab area was suppose to be framed up today. Noone showed up!!! P went off at the builder. Told him it has to be finished by Nov. 23 or we're not paying a cent for any of the work already done, and we'll find someone else to do it. NOW P sees what I've had to deal with this whole time.

It's not just Lenard's teasing me today, it's been everyone.

Bring on the weekend I say :)




Talk about an early wake up for a Saturday, not even due to birds.

While away our foxtel died. The man was due to come here between 10 and 2pm today. He phoned at 7:44am....."I'll be there in 10 minutes"!!!

Thankfully P was up so he could deal with, what turned out to be THE noisiest foxtel man known to mankind!

Bang, bang, crash, bang.

We needed a new box. Got a new remote too. The machine had totally died. We lost our recordings, but as T says "at least we have foxtel back though". Poor deprived child has had withdrawals the past day and a half. I swear I saw him starting to shake - LOL!

Now it's almost 9am. We're all up. P and I ate off shopping today. What we don't find today we shall get tomorrow. I'm finished with Christmas shopping after that. P wants some ideas as to what he can buy me today. Not much else to get after that so I guess I can give him some ideas :)

Work kind of dragged on yesterday. The kids seemed a little more feral than usual. Must be due to the less structure throughout the day. I'm really not looking forward to next Friday.....not at all!

And with that little grizzle I'll be off to start my day. I'll try to post some photos from our camping trip this weekend. And I do realize I've missed 2.....possibly 3 TT's now. What a fail :(

Enjoy your day.

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Queensland Floods.

Isn't it just horrific, the sights and the stories showing the floods in Queensland.

No longer are they just in rural towns....they are plummeting into the city areas.

The News is doing an extended showing this morning, showing images of Toowoomba and the floods there. 

I can not imagine how scary it would have been to be in a car as it was being swept away.  And to see whole houses floating along the flood rivers - horrible, just horrible.

I hope it stops raining.  I hope everyone is safe.  I hope the flooding dies down.

My thoughts are with everyone in Queensland.....those I know, those I don't.

Thursday Thirteen 153

Just Thirteen things:

1. I believe people's icons say alot about them.

2. I don't like seeing the heat roll out of my car, then have to get into it and see the temp guage say 45!

3. I know I go on about the weather in summer....I will apologise now this once, but I shall continue to go on and you'll all just have to get use to it :)

4. Some people appear to be one way, but once you get to know them they are quite different. Don't judge a book by it's cover is all I'm saying.

5. I've lost interest in e-bay but need to list some things. It's so hard to make myself do it.

6. It's also hard to make myself put up the Christmas tree, which is unusual for me, but I promised the kids I'd do it today....pity I have to go out again in about an hour and a quarter.

7. It was hot helping at school this morning - Reception Transition morning so I was walking around with plates of food, and helping with drinks, then tidying up afterwards. Hot Hot HOT!

8. We finished our tap dance last night....now just to learn all the steps in the right sequence!

9. I believe I have a virus on the computer. Noone I know wants to go to the chinese sex-museum site unexpectedly, yet I have found myself there at least two or three times. The computer click click clicks then the web page opens up for no reason. Thankfully not what T has been on the computer playing games.

10. The only thing I miss about P being away for a whole week is him doing the bins when I ask. I am not a fan of doing the bins. I get tired of washing my hands.

11. I bought some body lotion from the Body Shop the other week. It's not the usual one I buy, as they don't make bigger tubes of that anymore. I splurged this time and bought a pump pack. It's quite good and I've been using it daily (so unlike me).

12. A is excited about the Informal at school tomorrow night. Three hours of dancing and fun for the Middle School kids :)

13. I'm done. It's time to go put up a Christmas tree so it can be decorated on the weekend. I'm glad we've no real plans this weekend too because I really do have to get those dang Christmas cards made!!

Enjoy :)

Greetings from Deanna's house....

Hi all. Having a lovely time here with Deanna. Went shopping today but didn't send as much as yesterday. P gets off lightly today - LOL!

Will read up on what you've all been doing tomorrow. Bye till then.

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Hi all....am just testing my iPhone. I have so much to learn!!!

T has still not vomited again which is great.

Benny was missing this morning......he'd dug his way under the fence and was visiting our neighbour!!! I blocked the fence with a brick, although there was a brick already there, which he moved. His once nice white fur is all dirty now! Bloody dog -LOL!!!

Well my test is over...now to work out the posting.

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Between Idol....

Just some quick photos I took on Friday night, of the kids and the Halloween things I hung around the room.

Friday Photos....Collapse )

That is all.....

Thursday Thirteen 1

Thirteen things about me......

1. I was adopted when I was a baby (as was my brother)
2. I have 2 kids who I absolutely adore
3. I am married to a guy I started dating when I was 13 (am 37 now)
4. I feel lost without a computer
5. I enjoy eating "smelly" cheeses and drinking port
6. Sometime I wish I knew by birth mother, sometimes I could care less
7. I would LOVE a craft room all for myself so I could leave my things out while I finish them off
8. I hate ironing and washing....it's a vicious circle
9. I started tap dancing this year and while I enjoy it, I'm not that great (but who cares)
10. I have a friend who I've known for 33 years and she means the world to me
11. I have only ever lived in South Australia
12. I would rather buy my kids things than things for myself
13. I have at least two cans of Coke a day (well, most days)

Mess, what mess???

Ok, so I've been home from school drop off a little while now. Perhaps I have already become addicted to this site (thanks Sahm - NOT). Does that show how desperate I may be for some contact with the outside world?!?!?

My son was a little bit more than disappointed that we weren't doing our usual Thursday routine thing - having "coffee" with another mum from school (not that either of us drink coffee...the other mum or I, not my son....he's too young for that - LOL!). Anyhow, I managed to get him home without too much freaking out. He wanted to stay outside to play with the dog but I wouldn't let him - I'm too cold!!! He was also sad about that because it's a big day today, our dog's birthday!!!! Whoooeeeee.

Now my son is busy playing and entertaining himself while I am at the computer. He's tipped cars all over the lounge room floor, knocked the little chairs and table over and is sliding the table around the room then walking across it again and again.

At first I saw the MESS....and what a mess it is. Then I looked at the concentration on his face as he was doing things and have decided it's not mess, it's his learning enviromnent, his playground, his entertainment. It's ok....it can all be cleaned up anyhow.

Now I've just stuck two potato mashers and a wooden spoon down the back of his top. Why? Because he likes it. I asked him if they were rockets and he said "no swords". One fell out and I put it back for him and he said "now I be a knight".....god love him and his imagination.

And I can only imagine what the kitchen looks like if he's been digging around in the draws..........

No mess here today!

Little Help, Please....

As you know I have no idea how LJ works yet. I've added Yly Coyote to my friends list (I think and thanks for adding me to yours). Now how do I see your page? I've clicked on the Friends Page to list them and I get Sahm's page and can't see any sign of other friends. I'm sure it's right in front of my eyes but I'm having a mental moment. I know it's got to be something simple.

Any help would be appreciated....and not just on that topic, if you know other bits of useful information that would be appreciated too.